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Curly Men’s Haircuts


Curls have a way of drawing people in, they are unique and while they sometimes get a bad rap, naturally wavy or curly hair is very attractive. However, if you are lucky enough to have curls you know at times they can be difficult to manage and style. If you’re a man who has curly locks and are looking for a new hairstyle, consider these trends from Hair Inspiration.

Curly Fringe

A pronounced swoop and a tousled head of hair make this hairstyle stand out from the rest. The curls take center stage, flowing downward to give this style a sense of motion.

Long Curly Style

This hairstyle accentuates the natural corkscrew nature of curly hair and lets it loose. Fluff up your hair and grow it long for this daring look.

Messy Curly Quiff

Looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t follow the beaten path? Check out this combination: a short quiff in the front and messy hair in the back. A great casual look for having fun.

Short Choppy Curls

If you want a haircut that can tame your curls, this one’s for you. The curls are cut short and close to the head, and the result resembles short spikes that give the hair a ton of texture.

Man Bun

Tying all your hair up into a man bun is an easy and fashionable way of taming curly hair. We especially like this combo because the curly hair gives the hairstyle a unique texture and appearance.

Side Swept Disconnected Undercut

This extreme style pushes the boundaries of the disconnected undercut. The hair on the sides is almost nonexistent, emphasizing the flowing hair on top of the head

Heavy Angular Fringe

Mess up your curly hair for this angular style. This hairstyle mixes a fade on the sides and back with an overflowing head of hair, giving this hairstyle a firm presence and a lot of volume.

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