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Main Street Barbershop



Beard Trimming and Straight Razor Shaves in Downers Grove, IL

At Main Street Barber Shop we offer high class services with a small town feel. At the end of the haircut we give hot lather straight razor neck shaves with a hot towel and a hand held back massage. Our goal is to make you feel relaxed while you’re here and look polished when you leave. We know the importance of the right haircut or shave for your professional appearance and self confidence. In addition to haircuts, we offer other services to make you feel relaxed and help you look your best.
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Men's Haircut: $28
Bald Fade: $30
Men's Long Haircut: $33
Kids 10 and under: $25
Kid's Specialty Cuts: $28
Women's Cuts: $33
Beard Trim: $23
Goatee Trim: $8
Straight Razor Head Shave: $38
Straight Razor Face Shave: $38
Seniors 65 and Older Tues & Wed All Day: $25
Eyebrow Waxing: $13
Eyebrow Waxing Middle Only: $8
Cash or check only


Main Street Barbershop barbers are very well trained and are able to give you a businessman, flattop, pompadour, low or high fade, bald fade, long style or military haircut.

Beard TRIMs

Main Street Barber Shop will shave your beard completely or trim it in many styles. This includes leaving a mustache only, a goatee, trimming the length while leaving a full beard, a soul patch, and many other beard styles. Using high quality scissors and razors, we will create an even, precise look for you. With moisturizing shaving cream and great smelling aftershave, you’ll leave feeling polished and confident.

Hot Lather/Straight Razor Shave

Main Street Barber Shop offers a hot lather shaving cream element to our straight razor shaves, which includes steaming towels, foaming lather, and a soothing face massage. This service opens pores, clears and moisturizes skin, and provides the cleanest and closest shave you can find.

A straight razor shave uses a razor with one straight blade to get a close shave. Easy to use, this razor makes quick cuts and the length is customized by how close the blade is to your face. The tool looks like a butter knife and is great for a clean shave to remove the entire beard and mustache.