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All You Need to Know About Buzzcuts



Summer is just around the corner, and with the impending hot weather, more men may be looking to get rid of some of their long locks to keep them cool. The most popular summer hairstyle? The buzzcut!


This short cut has been popular among many since the Second World War, and with good reason. Yet, despite its popularity, you’d be surprised how much is still unknown about this most recognizable hairstyle.


If you’re considering buzzing your hair this summer, read our guide on all you need to know about buzzcuts!


  1. What is a buzzcut, exactly?

Simply put, a buzzcut is a clipped hairstyle that cuts your hair short all over your head. You use hair clippers to get the classic buzzed effect. It first gained popularity in the 1940s, when the military began enforcing buzzcuts to prevent lice infestations among soldiers. While this standard is kept within the military today, it has become popular even amongst regular civilians for its classic style and low maintenance.


  1. Are there different kinds of buzzcuts?

Buzzcuts seem simple, but they are very versatile and have a lot of range. Hair clippers will have different numbers corresponding to the length of your hair after buzzing—the higher the number, the longer your hair will be. Typically, buzzcuts are anywhere from 1-8, with an 8 leaving your hair about an inch long. Most people opt for a 4. From there, there are plenty of styling options: buzzcut fades, buzzcuts with beards, military buzzes, tapered buzzcuts, etc.


  1. How do I know if a buzzcut will suit my face shape?

Like any haircut, some face shapes are more suited for a buzzcut than others. The ideal face shapes for a buzzcut are diamonds, ovals, and squares, though those with heart-shaped and triangular faces will also rock a buzz. Those with round face shapes should avoid having a buzzcut, which will take the angles away from your face.


  1. Will getting a buzzcut “reset” my hair?

If you’re looking to “reset” the growth of your hair, then a buzzcut will do just that. Since you’re cutting your hair all to equal lengths, it will usually grow back “properly,” making it look neater, sleeker, and fuller. It is an excellent option for those who no longer want to maintain a longer style or feel they just can’t “nail” their long hair!


  1. Do I need to go to a barber to get a buzzcut, or can I do it myself?

Generally speaking, it’s best to go to a barber to get your hair buzzed, especially since getting everything the same length in the back can be difficult without the right mirrors or neckline guards. Additionally, more complex buzzcuts may require the experience of a barber to get right—a bad buzzcut can ruin your hair. However, buzzcuts are not too expensive and, on average, range from $20-$30.


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