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Understanding Barbershop Etiquette

Understanding Barbershop Etiquette

Going to a barbershop is more than just walking in and getting a haircut. Starting historically as a safe and stylish haven for marginalized communities, barbershops are now becoming an upscale beauty experience for men, employed by experienced barbers who give sharp haircuts and angled beards. Whether you frequent your neighborhood barbershop or are visiting a proper barber for the first time, it’s essential that you can “look the part” by knowing some of the unspoken rules of the barbershop.


Here are some tips from the barbers themselves so that you can understand barbershop etiquette:

  • Arrive on Time. The number one thing barbers want customers to know? Come to your appointment on time! Arriving even a few minutes late can affect a barber’s schedule for the rest of the day, so respecting your barber’s time is essential. Feel free to come to your appointment a few minutes early and relax, chat with other customers and barbers, and wait for your appointment. Even if your barber is still with another client, they will appreciate your promptness and do their best to be right with you!
  • Come with Clean Hair. Your barber will be able to best work with your hair when it is at its natural hair texture, so be sure to wash and clean your hair and facial hair before you come. Comb it out so there are no knots, avoid wearing a hat, and don’t apply any hair products. The more natural your hair, the easier it is for your barber to manage, and the better your haircut will turn out.
  • Maintain Good Chair Posture. Though barber chairs are meant to be comfortable for you to sit in, they are also meant for the barbers to give the best and easiest access to your hair. Because of this, it’s crucial that you do your best to maintain a good chair posture throughout your haircut. Sit up straight in the chair without moving around too much to avoid a crooked haircut. And if you have kids with you, make sure they’re not jumping or playing on the chairs.
  • Get to Know Your Barber. Make a little time before and during your haircut to get to know your barber. Establishing a personal relationship with them can make the experience more enjoyable for both of you and show your barber that you care about their actions. Avoid any distractions by putting your phone away, and only take emergency calls.
  • Respect Your Barber’s Experience and Services. It’s important to respect your barber’s experience and know that barbers will likely offer you more services than salons. For example, facial hair shaving is a much more luxurious experience in a barbershop, with hot and cold towels to start and end your shave, a nice shaving cream, and a straight razor to shave your hair. This makes for a more expensive service, so expect to pay a little more than you would in a typical salon. And don’t forget to tip directly to your barber—15-20% of the final cost of your haircut is standard. Go the extra mile by asking your barber how they prefer to receive tips, so they know you appreciate their service.


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