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Communicating With Your Barber


We all know the feeling: your stomach dropping to the floor as you look in the mirror post-haircut and realize that your barber had no idea what you were looking for. Believe it or not, men dread this occurrence equally if not more than women.

Cutting hair is an extremely subjective art form. ‘Shorter’ to your barber may actually be way shorter than you prefer. It will grow back, but for the weeks that follow, you desperately attempt to conceal your clear mistake.

We believe learning how to communicate better with your barber prevents a post-cut panic attack. As men, barbers are trained to better understand the caveman-like grunts we make in explaining how short or not short to go; however, you can improve with these tips!

A Picture Speaks Volumes

Speaking less does so much more in helping highlight our ideal hairdo. Stockpile pictures of how you envision your ideal haircut, whether it is a photo of a celebrity or a snapshot of a friend.

Keep in mind that a haircut is more than just the front view. If a friend with your preferable haircut is willing, use video to get a 360 degree visual of their entire head. In doing so, your barber will know how to implement a similar style that works for your hair from front to back.

Everyone’s hair is different, so consider pointing out different elements of different haircuts. Locating a picture of how you want your bangs to look and another that instructs the barber on how to work with the curls on the back of your head explains it better than words.

The ‘Feel’ Of Your Hair

Run your hand through your hair right now. Can you adequately describe how your hair feels? Being able to do so helps a barber visualize what works for your hair specifically.

Fresh out of the shower, your hair falls naturally a certain way. Do you have a cowlick that causes your bangs to wave to the left? Is it bone straight or do you have some curl? If you don’t use hair products, you don’t want your barber to cut it in a way that requires them.

If you do use hair products, the feel of your hair has more to do with which way you style it before it sets. Hair products are designed to artificially hold your hair in place. Defining exactly how you implement those products gives your barber the opportunity to cut it exclusively to the way you style it.

Always Walk Away Satisfied!

We know it is a learning experience for men to define the cut they hope to leave with. Without question, we strive to ensure that every customer has a relaxing and satisfying experience.

Main Street Barbershop is here for all men’s grooming needs in Downers Grove, Illinois! For more information on available services that fit your individualized needs, give us a call at 630-968-8009 or make an appointment with one of our experienced staff members online today!