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How to Maintain a Healthy Beard

We “mustache” you a question… have you ever experienced envy when you saw a truly awesome looking beard? Believe it or not, growing a beard takes time and some maintenance. If you want to maintain a beard or grow one that sets you apart from other bearded gents, it requires proper beard care products and attention to detail. To some, men’s beard care is an afterthought, but to others, a maintenance routine is a must for a healthy beard. Main Street Barbershop is the expert and premier choice for grooming guides and tips to help you reach your #beardgoals.

Beard Oil Is Necessary

If you are not using beard oil, drop what you are doing and go buy a bottle. Beard oil balances the hydration level of your beard. It softens and tames your beard while moisturizing your facial hair and skin underneath it. If your beard is “dry,” it will likely give you “beardruff” (the beard version of dandruff). Main Street Barbershop sells a beard oil that flies off of its shelves, so be sure to ask about it at your next appointment and take some home to try out!

Beard Balm

This is much thicker than beard oil and is best used when your beard gains some thickness. Beard care is essential from the beginning stages of growing one to years down the road. Beard oil is essentially the same as beard balm in terms of benefits; however, beard oil is meant to use when you are in the early stages of growth.

Beard Grooming Products

The key to a nice looking beard is using a quality beard comb. It plays an important role in the shape of the beard. Why? They’re great for styling and training your facial hair to grow in a certain direction. Combing your facial hair in a downward motion will make it easier to shape a beard into your preferred style.

Wash Your Beard

One of the most important beard tips we have is to wash and keep it hygienic. Stop lunch or snacks from ending up in your beard by washing it routinely. Beard shampoo is a great choice to keep your beard clean and healthy, and it will also keep your beard soft and manageable. Combined, it will also help you to avoid itching and irritation.

Trim Your Beard

Your beard grows at different rates, so consider investing in a beard trimmer to keep the longer parts at bay. If you don’t feel comfortable, stop in at Main Street Barbershop to get a beard trim and leave feeling fresh and confident.

Maintaining a healthy beard impacts more than the beard itself – it can have positive impacts on other areas of the body, too! The care that goes into your beard – like trimming, moisturizing, brushing and exfoliating – directly impacts the health of your skin and areas around the beard. At Main Street Barbershop, we understand these needs and incorporate steaming towels, foaming/moisturizing shaving cream, and soothing facial massages in our bear trims and hot lather/straight razor shaves. To see and feel for yourself, make an appointment with one of our experienced staff members online today!https://mainstreetbarb.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/31225.png