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Men’s Grooming Trends of 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic changed many aspects of the way we live, and fashion and beauty were no exception. With the rise in stay-at-home mandates and more of the workforce working from home, fashion and beauty seemed to reflect these changes, with trends focusing more on comfort and wellness. Men’s grooming trends in particular were affected by these changes, with a shift from edgy, fashionable grooming choices to more comfortable grooming trends that emphasized natural features.

Though some of these trends came and went, many stayed popular throughout all of 2021. Here are some of the most popular men’s grooming trends we saw in 2021, coming from an experienced men’s barber shop:

  • Longer Beards. Many men started embracing their facial hair, growing long and thick beards for a masculine and sophisticated look. Of course, longer beards didn’t mean tangled and messy beards: most men trimmed beards so they didn’t get too long, and quality wax to keep beards in the right shape. When maintained correctly, longer beards can help frame your face and bring out your natural face shape.
  • Grey Hair. When the pandemic first began, many people were unable to go to their usual salons and barbershops to get rid of any greys they might be trying to hide. But lockdown forced many people to grow out their hair and let the greys shine through, embracing their natural hair color and making grey hair a hot, new trend.
  • More Natural Hair Styles. Even before the pandemic, men were always experimenting with new hair styles and testing what looked the best with their hair, facial features, etc. During the pandemic, we saw a huge shift from edgier and high-fashion hair styles to more natural hair cuts, again emphasizing people’s natural hair and features for comfort and ease of maintenance. While some people grew their hair out for naturally long and luscious locks, others opted for more quaffed, yet effortless styles such as the natural fringe, the natural toss over, a tapered blended cut, or a natural trim.
  • Buzzed. On the other hand, some people decided to cut all their hair off with a classic buzzcut. This is low maintenance and free, yet extremely pristine and clean looking because there’s nothing to get in the way.

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