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Men’s Haircuts


Is it time for a new hairstyle? If it is, you’ve come to the right place. Main Street Barber Shop offers high quality men’s grooming service in Downers Grove, Illinois. We offer any style of haircut from a simple trim to a completely new look.

Whether you’re looking for a low or high fade, bald fade, long style, pompadour, businessman, or military haircut, we can do it. Let’s take a look at all the hottest hairstyles for men these days.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a classic hair style and is not going anywhere soon. With this hairstyle, the hair on the top of the head is cut short, while the sides are cut or tapered short. The crew cut creates a clean and tidy appearance.

Disconnected Undercut

This is a popular hairstyle for men these days. The hairstyle features a longer length of hair on the top with the sides being much shorter. The sides are not tapered or blended with the top of the head. Instead of a gradual change in length, the hairstyle opts for a bold contrast.

Fade and Taper

Fades and taper haircuts have a longer length of hair on the top of the head that gradually shortens down the sides and back. You can fade the back and sides to a shorter length of hair or all the way down to reveal skin around the ears.


This is a classic men’s hairstyle that dates all the way back to the 1700s. When you think of a pompadour haircut, think of Elvis. Hair is typically a little longer and styled up and back off the forehead.

Military Cut

A traditional military cut consists of a side part that is neatly gelled in place. However, the military cut category includes many other styles. These styles include a buzz cut, military fade cut, Ivy League, crew cut, undercut, or flat top.

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