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Taper or Block: What’s the Difference?


Looking to switch up your hair? A change in appearance doesn’t need to be complex. With a simple taper or block, you can bring your look to the next level. An edgy yet sophisticated haircut is right around the corner. Read below to learn the difference between a taper and a block and everything in between! You might just find your next look to show your barber.

Tapers and Blocks

Tapers and blocks have become a popular trend amongst men and women due to easy upkeep and you don’t have to cut too much hair off. The general difference between them comes down the edges around your ears of your haircut. Your hairline and how it frames your face will be the deciding factor when it comes to tapers, blocks, and fades.

Tapers: If you ask your barber for a taper here’s what to expect: your hair will be longer on the top with a steady decline as your hair gets short on the back and sides of your head. Expect the hair on top of your head to be around 2-4 inches. Tapers, unlike fades or blocks, don’t completely take off all the hair or come to a sudden hair-free line. Here are some tapers to consider:

Blocks: A blocked neckline is made to crispen out your natural hairline at the nape of the neck. This kind of hairline can help create the illusion of a wide or narrow neck. Blocking your hairline is a great way to clean up your look to appear more professional. A military cut is an example of a block cut.

Fades: A fade is a form of tapering and blocking your hair. It’s just cut significantly shorter than other cuts, but still has the long top like a taper. A fade can be deciphered by the side and back of the head being hairless, but still fades up to the top of your head with more and more hair. Here are some of the popular types of fades:

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