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The Right Beard for Your Face Shape


Picking a beard style is no easy task. With so many different styles, shapes, and trends, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options. One of the most important things to consider when choosing your beard style? Your face shape! Some beard shapes may be more suited for you specifically because of the shape of your face; you must choose wisely so you can accentuate some of your face’s best features, not hide them!

The first step into picking the best beard for your face shape is knowing what shape your face is. Next, you’ll want to measure your face height, forehead width, cheekbone width, and jawline width to determine the shape of your face. From there, your beard options will narrow.

Take a look at what we recommend as the right beard for your face shape:

  • Round. Round faces are wider than long, so you’ll want a beard that elongates your face a little bit more and distinguishes your jawline. Beard styles with shaved cheeks and mustaches or chin beards, like the “Hollywoodian” (think Leonardo DiCaprio!), the classic full beard, or the goatee are all great options for round faces. Avoid styles like mutton chops, which will add more width to your face.
  • Oval. Oval faces are ideal for experimenting with beard styles, so feel free to have some fun with your facial hair, knowing that there isn’t too much that can go wrong. With that being said, take care in choosing beard styles that don’t hide too much of your face, like full beards, and try focusing on enhancing your facial features instead of hiding them. Try a short boxed beard like Jake Gyllenhaal or the heavy stubble beard. Whatever you choose, keep it well-groomed and short, so it doesn’t look like you’re not taking care of yourself!
  • Square. Because those with square faces tend to have angular and defined jawlines, you’ll want to make sure you choose a beard style that shows that off. You may want to focus less on a beard and more on a mustache so you can accentuate your jawline. Try the “BeardStache” as popularized by Henry Cavill or various kinds of stubble beards. Make sure you don’t choose a beard that hides your jawline under a mass of facial hair!
  • Diamond. If you have a diamond-shaped face, you have a big decision to make: to show off your cheekbones or not! Some find their cheekbones too overwhelming and opt for a style that will hide them, like the Ducktail beard sported by Jason Momoa. If you’d rather show off your cheekbones, choose shorter beards like the five o’clock shadow beard, the BeardStache, or anything with short stubble.
  • Heart. Defined by their narrow jawlines and small chins, heart-shaped faces need beards that will add more width to their face and hide their small chins. Make sure you have something with shorter sideburns, so you don’t add width to your cheekbones, which already have plenty of width – add width to the lower part of your face instead. The Garibaldi beard with short sides and a wide bottom is perfect for those with heart-shaped faces. You may also want to try the Verdi or the Ducktail Beard.

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