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Why You Should Visit Your Barber Regularly

Hair grows at an average rate of about half an inch per month. For men with long hairstyles, this means you can go weeks, even months, between haircuts. But for men who sport shorter hairstyles, how often do you need to get it trimmed? This really depends on personal preference and the type of style you hope to maintain, as well as other considerations such as budget. For the shortest or most precise haircuts, you may need to go as often as 2-3 weeks to get the style cleaned up. Here are just a few reasons you should visit your local barber regularly:

You’ll have healthier hair.

Getting regular haircuts leads to healthier hair. Without regular trims, your hair is at risk of damage such as split ends. Damaged hair not only looks unseemly, but it’s also more difficult to style, meaning more “bad hair days” than one would get with healthy hair. Getting a haircut regularly ensures that your hair doesn’t grow to the point of breakage and split ends, and you’ll notice healthier hair overall.

You’ll maintain the hairstyle that you want.

If you have a particular hairstyle that you love and feel suits you, regular haircuts will help maintain it. Any type of close cuts – buzzcuts, skin fades, hard parts and shaved hairlines – are very noticeable when they begin to grow out, so they require frequent trimming or cuts to keep the style looking fresh. To maintain these harsher hairstyles, expect to visit your barber every 2-3 weeks. Other popular men’s haircuts such as crops, pompadours, quiffs, and side parts, are longer in style and need slightly less maintenance, but you should still plan on visiting your barber every 3-5 weeks.

You’ll get the best products for your hair.

Apart from giving you a fantastic haircut, your barber will also be able to recommend and sell you the best products to maintain your hairstyle. Investing in quality hair care products will make it easier for you to manage and style your hair, and your barber will be able to suggest the products best suited for your hair type.

Whether you need a haircut, fade, hot lather straight razor facial shave, or beard trim, you can count on Main Street Barbershop. For more information on available services that fit your individualized needs, give us a call at 630-968-8009 or make an appointment with one of our experienced staff members online today!